20th wedding anniversary gift ideas

20th-wedding-anniversaryCommemorating the 20th anniversary is a great occasion worth celebrating. It is a major milestone of your marriage to reach twenty years and many accomplishments have been reached within that period of time. Indeed, the 20th wedding anniversary is referred to as a brief halt after a long journey of married life. And the gift associated with it is a deep symbol of love and appreciation.

The traditional gift symbol for the 20th wedding anniversary is the china which is once called as the perfect romance and can be bought on antique galleries. If your spouse had China already, update your China cabinet with a more modern one. It symbolizes, elegance, beauty and delicate of love that was shared for the past twenty years. Also, a grand trip for two to China will be a great idea of following the tradition. If you have more resources such as money and time, you can have it for two weeks. Take time in learning the beautiful and historical place and culture as you celebrate your anniversary. If you are running out of resources and a trip to China is not a possibility, try taking a trip to a Chinatown or just a grand feast at a nearby Chinese restaurant. A Chinese plant can surprise your spouse if she is fond of gardening. China Doll rose, specifically grows on dwarf bushes and fills the garden with plenty of pink clusters of flower. It is good choice of display in any border area for its mild fragrance and delicate flowers. Also, an elegant set of Chinese chopsticks just for two is a perfect gift. Have the lights dimmed and enjoy a romantic dinner with these chopsticks.

If you go for modern ideas, a platinum is the symbolic gift for the modern 20th wedding anniversary. The reason why platinum is the symbolic metal for the 20th year of marriage because it carries with it the properties that complement the marriage journey. Platinum is a very rare, very precious and like a strong marriage, it can resist corrosion. It has the property of being malleable but it is very strong. Moreover, it has an appealing and elegant silvery-white color and is considered as one of the winning elements in the jewelry world. Rings are the common form of platinum and it symbolizes the strong and lasting union that the couple has shared for the past twenty years.

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