15th Wedding Anniversary Gift ideas

15th-wedding-anniversaryTraditionally, crystal is the gift symbol for the fifteenth year anniversary. On the other hand, the modern gift symbol is the glass.

Finding out a gift for your wife will be much easier for the husband because most women are enchanted with jewelries. There are huge varieties of rings, bracelets and necklaces that have crystals engrafted within then. A jewelry that is given to a woman is a great symbol for love and having it containing crystal will show that you have valued the milestone reached by your marriage.

To make it personalized this time, purchase a laser inscribed pendant made from crystal. The pendant may be in any size and shape, depending on the resources and the choice of the purchaser as well. Then, have it inscribed by laser bearing the wedding date or the name of your spouse. For men, they can display the pendant in a rear view mirror in their car or just simply hung it in the window to catch the sunlight. Another idea is to insert the picture of the couple or the recipient and have in inscribed in the inside.

A crystal vase is also one of the popular gift choices for women because most women love flowers. It is then lovely to give it with a bunch of flowers placed inside.

Fifteen crystal roses will also be romantic gift. These crystal roses will neither fade and wither nor die. Variety of crystal roses are in pure clear crystal, or colored like pink, red or yellow. Crystal roses is best paired with a dozen of real roses placed in a crystal vase and will absolutely make a romantic presentment. Make sure that the vase is placed where it can catch the sunlight to show off the crystal roses.

For men, pocket watches are an excellent gift idea and will be greatly appreciated. It symbolizes an appreciation of the fifteen years of time spent together with love and commitment. Make it personalized by having it inscribed with the date of your marriage, a memorable quote, or just a name of your spouse. Pocket watches can serve as both traditional and modern gift ideas.

On the other hand, crystal glasses can be a perfect gift if your spouse always enjoys relaxing with wine. A nice bottle of wine together with the gift will be great that it could be shared together.

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