Great Ideas to Celebrate 2nd Wedding Anniversary

2nd wedding anniversary

There are many ways to celebrate the 2nd year anniversary. One option is to celebrate it with the memories you have shared already. Purchase a pocket photo album at online and decorate it with dozen of your favorite adventures and experiences together for the past 2 years. A couple of notes on how these memories had been special to you as you share it with your spouse will be a great addition to the present. Since, we are living in a digital age, creating a digital scrapbook will be a great idea also. Have it professionally printed, and photos must be in digital form. Have an additional journal of the the qualities that you appreciate most of your spouse and the character that caught your attention, the first day you met.

Another alternative to have it celebrated is to engage in a romantic getaway. A special romantic dinner for two and a night at a hotel will make your second anniversary a truly special occasion. And if resources are not a hindrance, you can have an extended vacation cruise. Have a weekend travel package and enjoy the same time as you have your honeymoon.

Traditional gift ideas for 2nd year anniversary are cotton. Mostly, huggable pillows and stuffed toys are common presents. Online stores such as the have an array of choices as this stuff. They offered it to be personalized to have a lasting memory. On the contrary, just because its tradition, it must be done. You can still have the choice of trying other non-traditional ideas that can potentially have that big impact. Try having games that involves teamwork as pair. It could be fun and at the same time, it’s a casual way to celebrate marriage anniversaries. Besides, no budget is required, so its cost saving.

Finally, when planning what manner of celebration in a second year anniversary, take into considerations the interests, personality and your financial status as well. If there is lack of resources and the money is tight because of some circumstances like having a new baby or perhaps a recent move of the house location, something more casual is recommended best activity. If a surprise party is carried out according to plan, make sure that a good and justifiable excuse must be made to get into the event. And if an outing or getaway will be done, make sure, you’ll book early to avoid any hassles.

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  1. David Says:

    I’m going to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary with my love. Thank for the ideas.

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