Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas For a Man


Wondering what to get your husband for your upcoming wedding anniversary? Here’s what you need to know. First, you need to consider your husband’s preferences. Of course, most men will appreciate electronics or sporting goods. If you’re completely out of ideas, consider giving a gift basket. The following article provides some tips and ideas to relieve the stress of choosing the perfect wedding anniversary gift for a man.

When it comes to traditional anniversary gifts like jewelry, you need to consider the preferences of your husband. Many places suggest that silver men’s necklaces are an excellent wedding anniversary gift. Other types of jewelry are also offered as the perfect gift for the man in your life. However, not every man wants to wear jewelry beyond his wedding band. What does your husband think? He certainly may wear your gift because you gave it to him, but why force him to do something that’s uncomfortable. If he’s the type that does wear jewelry, then by all means go ahead. Perhaps a nice engraved watch would be a good compromise.

There are two types of gifts with which you can rarely go wrong. Most men love electronics and many men love sporting goods. Very few would ever complain about receiving a flat screen TV or the latest DVD player. Video games or gaming systems are also a well-received gift, but you might not want to widow yourself by giving a game console. Smaller, more affordable gifts include DVD’s or digital photo frames. Think about your husband’s hobbies. Does he play golf? Go hiking? Something else? Chances are, the perfect gift to go with your husband’s hobby or favorite sport is just waiting for you. The trick is figuring out what it is.

If you’ve thought through these ideas and still are drawing a blank, then consider giving a wedding anniversary gift basket. Gift baskets let you collect up several items and package it into an appropriate container. For your husband it might be a toolbox or gym bag instead of a basket. You can fill it with smaller items like DVD’s, favorite candies, wine or liquor, even the traditional tie.

To be honest, finding a wedding anniversary gift idea for a man is not too difficult. Just remember what he likes and doesn’t like. If your budget can stand it, go with electronics or sporting goods. Or put together a gift basket (you can also find them pre-made). Chances are he’ll be so stressed over the gift he picked for you, he’ll love whatever you get him.

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