Make a card as a wedding anniversary gift

Many people make the mistake of not putting forth as much effort as they should when they decide to make a card as a wedding anniversary gift. Here are some thoughts to keep you out of trouble. First of all, a wedding anniversary card actually makes a good first anniversary gift. But you can’t just grab a card and write “Happy Anniversary.” And whatever you do, don’t try to get by with only a card. Let’s look at these guidelines in a little more detail.

Almost everyone remembers their first anniversary. After all, a marriage represents a huge change in lifestyle and commitment. Many things are shared for the very first time. It only makes sense that the date marking completion of the first year of marriage would be easily remembered. The traditional first year anniversary gift is paper, which is surprising to many people. The symbolism is that the overlapping strands in paper give it strength. Likewise, the first year of marriage is knitting together. A paper card is an excellent way to fulfill this traditional idea.

However, a wedding anniversary card from one partner to the other should be special. That means that stopping by the drugstore, picking up a card and then dashing off “Happy Anniversary” before sealing it up just won’t do. This is a time to express your feelings of love and joy encountered during the first year. Many relationship experts suggest that you should write a love letter to your spouse and seal it in with the card. At the very least, write meaningful words that let your partner know how much they are loved and appreciated.

A card is a wonderful gift, but it shouldn’t be your only wedding anniversary gift. Whether the upcoming anniversary is your 1st, 5th or 25th wedding anniversary, you need to include another tangible expression of your love. A tight budget is understandable, but if you are creative, there are several ways to supplement the card you give. In extreme circumstances, you and your spouse can agree to forego gift giving. But even then, a personally made card given in a nice location can mean a lot.

If you have a wedding anniversary date approaching, you can make a card as an anniversary gift. Cards are excellent choices for the first anniversary. But be sure to include your personal thoughts on the card, and give an additional gift if at all possible. These heartfelt expressions will help ensure many more years of anniversary celebrations.

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