Planning a Wedding Anniversary Celebration

anniversary couple celebration

You should take time to plan your wedding anniversary celebration well ahead of that special day. As you keep on making lists of the different tasks that need to be performed, you will find that you have forgot out something that might have proved disastrous at that special moment. This celebration is not just like any other celebration and is dedicated to a certain number of years that you have lived happily together with your partner. Most couples are lucky enough to have kids who take all the pain to prepare things for their parent’s marriage celebrations.

However since that special day belongs to you, you too should involve yourself actively in checking out the details of the wedding anniversary celebrations. It is one thing if you want to celebrate your wedding anniversary in some remote and exotic location, far away from others and peacefully enjoying each other with just Mother Nature to give you company. However, if you are planning to host a special wedding anniversary celebration party for your friends and family, you should leave no stones unturned to ensure that it is a treat to the eye. This day does not come often and hence it should be celebrated in such a way that it is remembered by one and all and especially your partner till it is the time for another anniversary.

Do not forget to get photographs taken, since they will be sole testimony of this special day. Do not forget to mail out the invitations, especially to overseas relatives, well in advance, giving them enough time to plan their visit. Mailing out the invitations 4-6 weeks in advance is the best option. Do not forget to highlight this special occasion in big letters so that it is not mistaken for just another party. Using special words like “We treasure your presence more than gifts” provide that extra touch and warm the hearts of the recipient. Remember how you had dressed on the day of your wedding? If possible recreate that day by wearing clothes akin to the one you had worn on your marriage day.

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